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A busy Hollywood couple spins a hilarious cautionary tale about what happens when you are glued to your phone.

It’s a lively day at the neighborhood park. Birds are singing, squirrels are frolicking, dogs are causing a commotion–and wide-eyed children are enthralled by it all. Too bad the parents are missing everything! It’s going to take something really BIG to get them to disengage from their phones . . .

This timely story, brought to life with beautiful bold art, is a great reminder to slow down and savor time together.


“Married actors Smith and Thiessen take playful aim at cellphone-addicted caregivers. . . . Smith’s bold pen-and-watercolor illustrations pop with tropical hues that aptly emphasize how vibrant the real world is when compared to a screen. A refreshing and opportune reminder to put down the phone and eye the butterflies.”—Publishers Weekly

“Humorous cartoon artwork . . . vibrant atmosphere. . . . A timely comment on technology’s drawbacks in today’s society.”—Kirkus Reviews

Published by Nancy Paulsen Books
32 Pages | 10 x 10 | 3-5 years