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The Wordy Macarons (Bilingual Spanish/English)

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In search for the perfect at-home educational toy? Our quality all wood bilingual or monolingual Macaron set is a perfect solution. The Wordy Macarons are much more than a toy, functioning on multiple levels to deliver a highly engaging and unforgettable learning experience your child will return to again and again. Feel confident in our use of child-safe paints and inks. Available in English only, English/Spanish and English/French. Pronunciation guide included.

DOUBLE SIDED – Flip it over and discover a whole new language. Why learn one language, when you can learn two? Each cookie and each filling are labeled on both sides, English on one side and French or Spanish on the other. Our English version is printed with English on both sides.

FINE MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT – Looking to develop your child’s fine motor skills, as he/she learns new languages? The Wordy Macarons serve perfectly.

EFFECTIVE FOR BILINGUAL EDUCATION – Environmental Print (labeling objects in a child’s environment) is an effective technique used in classrooms and homes around the world to introduce children (and adults) to words. The verbal/visual association that is built while engaging with a Wordy toy helps to establish the foundation for literacy.

DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE – Don't be surprised if you find yourself playing with our products. Designed by a parent with parents in mind. Are you monolingual and feel unequipped to introduce your child to a new language? No problem. We have the phonetic pronunciation included in the box. Whether you are bilingual or monolingual, The Wordy Macarons offer the perfect opportunity for the whole family to learn a few new words in a new language.

SET CONTAINS - 18pcs, (12 cookies, 6 fillings) + pronunciation guide. The Macarons are made from wood and printed with non-toxic water-based paint and ink Suitable for the ages 3+


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