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The Evolved Parent Co: The ChewBox

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Say goodbye to buying a single teether at a time—especially since little ones are bound to lose at least one! Soothe your little one’s gums safely with The Evolved Parent Co.'s Chew Box, a practical yet playful sea animal-themed set of teethers.

Designed in BPA-free, soft food-grade silicone that's FDA approved, the teethers are gentle on a baby’s delicate gums. Sized for tiny hands, they're easy to hold and provide sensory stimulation to help in development. Suitable even for newborns, the set stands out as a go-to unisex baby shower gift.




Box of (6) sea themed teethers (octopus, sea horse, star fish, hammer head, whale and manta ray)

Octopus - 7.5cm x 7.5cm, Sea Horse - 13.5cm x 6cm , Star Fish - 7cm x 7cm, Hammer Head - 7cm x 6cm , Whale - 8cm x 8cm, Manta Ray - 8cm x 6.5cm

Dishwasher safe and easy to keep clean (which means less hassle for you!)



About The Evolved Parent:

Like all parents, the parents behind The Evolved Parent love their little ones more than anything else in the world – even though this means “personal time” becomes an often limited, and sought-after commodity. With “time” in mind, they set out to develop a range of products that are not designed to reinvent the wheel, just to make life’s daily tasks a bit easier and a bit less time-consuming. Because let’s face it, behind all the diaper changes, baths, feedings and sleepless nights is the most precious baby who needs every ounce of your love and attention.