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Rose Gypsy

Rose Gypsy: Gold Bloom Studs

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Bring a little lady luck into your life with these gold bloom studs. Perfect for a nice day out gardening or even brunch with the gals. Shower, swim and fly with them on, these studs are water resistant. 


Material: 14k Gold Filled

Size: 8mm


Rose Gypsy

RG was founded in 2014 by Rachel Karcich, an established and well-respected photographer with a passion for jewelry. Seeing a gap in the market for fair-priced, high-quality jewelry, Rachel launched her own line with a commitment to sustainability. Photographing her own creations and showcasing her jewelry at local craft fairs and pop ups, Rachel quickly gained a following of like-minded individuals.

RG’s entire business model is built on a commitment to sustainability. We use only the finest, ethically sourced alloys and actively work to minimize our environmental impact. All of our jewelry is also hand made here in the United States at our Los Angeles atelier and partner workshop in New England.

Working directly with manufacturers, we’re also able to secure the most fair pricing which we pass on directly to you. We firmly believe that by creating affordable timeless pieces out of quality materials we can help do our part to eliminate unnecessary waste that comes with fast fashion.