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Pocket Latte: Cream & Sugar - Coffee Bar

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The Cream + Sugar coffee bar combines everything you love about a rich, medium roast coffee, with a silky-smooth blend designed for the mocha lovers.

These coffee bars have a smooth caffeine buzz that keeps you sharp throughout the day, without the jitters or crash that come with other caffeinated products. The reason is simple—they're powered by nature, the way it should be.


Energy bar made from real coffee, designed for people on-the-go.

One Square = One Coffee (100-120mg natural caffeine per bar)

Made with 100% arabica colombian coffee.

Non-GMO, all-natural, kosher, gluten-free, soy-free, palm oil-free.

8 simple, responsibly-sourced ingredients.

Proudly made in the USA.

Nothing artificial, at all.



cane sugar, cocoa butter, nonfat milk, 100% arabica colombian coffee, roasted coffee bean, sunflower lecithin, natural caffeine from coffee bean, organic sea salt.




About Pocket Latte:

My mother—she’s the reason for Pocket Latte to exist. We embarked on this journey together and we’ve been partners in crime ever since. Throughout my life, she was always incredibly loving and happy, and that never faltered despite the reality of our situation. She was a single mother, who spoke little English and often worked two jobs to put food on the table. She single-handedly raised me under the pressures of poverty, yet was always incredibly loving and happy. I’ve always felt that it was my duty to provide her with a stable career where she could express her artistic passion. Pocket Latte is a mother & son company that I created as a coffee lover, for my mother who’s an artist by passion.

But really, it’s the product of motherly love.

There’s a growing trend in energy products, yet they leave you feeling wired like a robot or sick to your stomach. This is a red flag. There are 60+ plant species that produce natural caffeine, but companies silently use the synthetic forms of caffeine and other additives. Synthetic caffeine is widely used for two reasons: it is cheaper, and consumers (like you) don’t know the difference. But let’s be perfectly clear—it is not better.

A key difference is that your body metabolizes synthetic caffeine at a much faster rate than natural caffeine. What this means for consumers is that they get an adrenaline rush with jitters and increased anxiety, then quickly end up with a caffeine crash. It’s not sustained and often leaves you feeling poisoned. Pocket Latte solves this problem. Our coffee bars are 100% fueled by real caffeine from real coffee.