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Mast: Sea Salt Chocolate, Mini

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Let us take you to the shores of Amagansett where our sea salt is harvested. Set your cares aside, kick off your shoes, and enjoy a timeless moment that is both salty and sweet.

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Vanilla, Touch of Sea Salt



72% cocoa content

1 oz / 28 g





About Mast:

Mast believes in simple, delicious, organic, ethically sourced ingredients. They believe in less sugar, minimal processing and eco-friendly packaging. They take inspiration from today's family pantry, blending single origin cacao with organic oats, local sea salt, organic almonds, house-roasted coffees, and so much more.

Mast is officially organic and USDA certified by the NFC. They are proud to participate in a global movement towards sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

When you enjoy Mast chocolate, you’re helping to support Kokoa Kamili, an organic cocoa organization based out of Tanzania in East Africa. Their commitment to paying above fair-trade premiums offers farmers a better quality of life, enabling them to produce the highest quality cocoa beans. Kokoa Kamili purchases ‘wet’ cocoa straight out of the farmers’ pods, which are then fermented and dried in-house. Centralizing this process not only creates a more consistent product, but removes the burden from farmers, allowing them more time to nurture their farms and their families.