Lisa Junius

Girl and Bear Hair Claw

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Girl and Bear Hair Claw This hair accessory presents Lisa's bestselling Girl and Bear design in a new way! This strong high-quality hair claw can be used for both fine and thicker hair Made from biodegradable acetate cellulose 9 cm long

About Lisa Junius:

Based in Luxembourg, Lisa Junius has created a new personal universe to escape and dream in, full of blue and white femenine characters. This multidisciplinary artist combines her work on a small and large scale, from illustrations and little ceramics to big murals to make cities more beautiful. Women and nature are her favourite motifs. A beautiful way to connect with feminine and empowering movements.

From ceramics to large-format murals, nothing can resist this Luxembourg-based illustrator who has uses blue as her signature color palette.

"The color blue is the ocean, the sky and the universe, it is deep, constant and invites calm."