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Kids Face Shield with Removable Decals

New kids face shields with removable decals of all your favorite Kira characters! 

For kids 3-10 years.

Made in USA!

·     High quality material: 7 times thicker makes it more durable and easier to sanitize.

·     Optical transparency: Provides true clear vision.

·     Great protection: Full length provides more protection from different angles plus offers enough space between face and cover, which allows wearing a face mask underneath, if desired.

·     Portability: It can be completely flattened making it easy to put inside their backpacks.

·     User comfort: Soft forehead strap and secure back closure.

·     90°rotation: It flips up when needed. No need to take off to drink or eat a snack.

·     No assembly required: ready to use, just attach the straps to desired head size. Designed and manufactured in the US.

·     Measurements: 10” W x 7.5” H

·     This size is recommended for kids up to 10 years old.