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Jeremyville: CSA Daily Desktop Calendar 2019

Start your day with a daily message from the Jeremyville CSA project(Community Service Announcements). Designed especially for your office desktop, home, as a gift to a friend, or a gift to your inner self. Create your own tomorrow & Build Your Own Rainbow ! 

Each of the 320 messages in this calendar offer a time for reflection, a quiet moment in our busy day. I started drawing them around 2010, and to me they are like tiny crystallised jewels of hard won answers to the personal questions in my own life. I approach the questions in the only way I know how, which is to draw down the answer as scratches in my sketchbook, and in words like a poem or a song, and these then become the basis of the final CSA message you see in this calendar. Ideal square format for posting your favorite ones to your Instagram, hashtag #JeremyvilleCSA