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Fossil Card

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We get this question a lot. What's do you gift a young paleontologist? The answer turns out to be these lovely fossil specimen cards that have been curated for maximum enjoyment and learning. They will surely dig it!


About Copernicus Toys:

We've always & forever been a family owned & operated business!
Long, long ago two galactic travelers named Ellen & Harris gathered & developed artifacts of science & nature to sell from their home world, Copernicus Toys. After a while, as all beings do, they retired & downloaded the Copernican System to a new duo, Avi & Peggy. 

This new duo & their two tiny daughters fearlessly took on the adventure. Avi had been busy developing keen design sense at what earthlings call a job. Peggy honed her education skills & sense of whimsy far & wide. We carry on to this day making new toys while spending plenty of time with our, now slightly larger, daughters in our own little solar system.