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Chewable Charm

Chewable Charm: 2 Pack Pacifier + Twirl, Mauvewood/Rose

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Chewable Charm's Silicone Pacifier is a 1 piece design that can double as a teether. Pacifier includes three large vent holes for added safety




2 pacifiers included

Round shape

Age  0-12 months

100% Medical Silicone

BPA Free + 100% non-toxic materials.

Made in the USA





About Chewable Charm:

Chewable Charm is owned and run by Rachel Fisher and her husband. Neither of them had childhood dreams of owning a teething necklace company but they did always dream of being business owners and had a brand in mind. After their son entered the dreaded teething stages, a light bulb went off when Rachel was struggling to find necklaces that fit her neutral and simple style. As a Sagittarius mom and business woman, Rachel really, really enjoys the craft of designing and making something beautiful in her home to send out to other moms and babies to wear and enjoy. She hopes her customers feel fashionable and practical when using her handmade necklaces. 

Sprouting teeth is a rite of passage and it can be a very stressful period for both baby and parents alike.  While there is no magic cure for teething pain and discomfort it's Rachel's hope that having some Chewable Charm necklaces and teethers will make the experience a little more pleasant for everyone.

Chewable Charm is proud and committed to social good, they donate a portion of their profits annually to the amazing non-profit Operation Underground Railroad, which directly rescues children in sex trafficking.