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The Love Bath

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Steep yourself in some love!


Butter Love by L.C. and Big Heart Tea Co. have pretty much always dreamed of collaborating. Our companies and values flow so nicely together, and our products work to heal the body from the inside out. Lately, we’ve been thinking about how we can spread even more love to you.


So we put our brilliant minds together and combined our magic. The Big Love Bath helps soothe the body and mind during these crazy times. Steeping your beautiful body in rose, hibiscus, and Himalayan salt will really have you feeling the love.


How to:

Let this simple, gentle ritual soothe and cleanse you, body and soul.

  • Place satchel into a hot bath.

  • Swirl around in water to dissolve salt faster.

  • Immerse your beautiful body into water.

  • Close your eyes. Inhale in, exhale out, relax.


This is one powerful Love Bath!

Remember… You are Love. You attract love all around you.



  • Pink Himalayan Salt

    Rose Tea Leaves

  • Hibiscus Tea leaves