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"Bad Bitch on Antidepressants" 18k Gold Plated Necklace

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Yeah, we're out here on our SSRIs and NDRIs! Don’t let anyone shame you out of getting the help you need. Prioritizing your mental health is bad bitch energy! Push back on that stigma, babe! Going to see a therapist is 🔥. Going to a support group is 🔥. Don’t feel bad about seeing a psychiatrist. 

  • 18K gold plated necklace
  • Front Side 1: Smiley face
  • Back Side 2: "Bad Bitch on Antidepressants" engraved

About the artist/creator Rinny Perkins (@rinnyriot):

Rinny Perkins is a performer, multidisciplinary artist and writer born and raised in Houston, TX and based in Los Angeles, CA. Her graphic design and installation art work nods to 70s ephemera. Along with her comedic writing and performance, an emphasis on the intersections of feminism in identity of Black and queer womanhood.

She continues to expand her message by using visual art as an instrument to disrupt the homogenous representation of women in media. Her work has been featured by outlets such as I-D/VICE, Nylon and Teen Vogue.

Her first book, Not Everyone is Going To Like You will be released in 2022 via Penguin/Kokila Books

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