Baby Jive: Luxe Starry Dreamer Catcher, Mobile - Kira

Baby Jive: Luxe Starry Dreamer Catcher, Mobile

This circular starry dreamer is minimal take on the traditional dream catcher. Made with a mix of luxe wool felt feathers and metallic leather it is ready to enchant and can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling to spin freely.

Measures: Metal Hoop is 10" in diameter (25cm) long and 22" (55cm) tall

To order:

This item comes with care instructions; no hardware is included.

This is not a toy for children, it is intended for decoration only. If you are going to hang this in a child's room it should be hung out of arms reach. As the child learns to stand please adjust the mobile again. We advise against hanging this over a child's bed because of the risk of injury.

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