Made of Sundays: Aaron the Dragon Door Decal


Like many other self-respecting reptiles, Aaron the Charming (and cute) Dragon is very good at scaring away ghosts and getting rid of any monsters living in the closet or under the bed. You can arrange all the elements according to the size of your surface, hence this little dragon will fit on most doors, closets or wherever you feel you need a happy face. 


  • 1 Aaron the Charming Dragon
  • Color: Black with Gold Cheeks  (cheek color differs from photo)
  • Matte decal with transfer tape
  • Size: Mouth 32 × 6 cm (12.5 × 2.3 inch), Tiny arm 11 × 10 cm (4.3 × 3.9 inch), Tail 15 × 11 cm (5.9 × 4.3 inch)
  • Installation instructions

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