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Small but Mighty

Hi friends – As you know, small businesses have been hit hard recently. We’re all hanging in there and appreciate your support!

So this week, we wanted to introduce you to our amazingly talented friends who design and curate goods from apparel, accessories, books, stationery and toys! Collectively, we are giving you exclusive SMALLBUTMIGHTY discounts.


Even if you’re not able to shop right now, we hope you give them a look and a follow!

We’re small, but mighty... and in this together. 

30% off: 

Carolyn Suzuki (stationery only) 

    25% off: 

    Hello Shiso (for orders over $50) 

      20% off: 

      Hadley Girl
      Kira Kids (apparel only) 
      Morning Tide (kids section only) 
      People I've Loved 
      Petit Collage
      Plain Jane 

      Stay Forever (kids section only)
      Sweet Threads

        15% off: 

        Stories Bookshop and Storytelling Lab

        Use code SMALLBUTMIGHTY at each respective shop for these exclusive discounts. Valid from April 20 to April 27. 

        Thank you for the love!