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The Wordy Ensalada (Bilingual Spanish/English)

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In search for the perfect at-home educational toy? Our quality all wood bilingual salad set is a perfect solution. The Wordy Ensalada is much more than a toy, functioning on multiple levels to deliver a highly engaging and unforgettable gift your favorite little one will return to again and again. Feel confident in our use of child-safe paints and inks. Promote healthy eating habits, encourage imaginative play, build social-emotional skills and gain cultural exposure all while learning another language. Available in English/Spanish. Appropriate for ages 3-8. READ YOUR VEGETABLES!

Each peace features our unique double-sided design with English on one side and Spanish on the other.

Environmental Print (labeling common objects in an environment) is a proven technique for language acquisition used in schools and homes around the world for generations.

Bilingual exposure has been proven to have several benefits to a child's development including; increased cognitive function, stronger multitasking skills, more in-tuned social/emotional awareness plus higher college entrance exam scores.

About Axel Avin, Jr the creator/owner of Wordy Toys: