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Adult Face Shield

Size Guide
Made in USA!
·     High quality material: 7 times thicker makes it more durable and easier to sanitize.: non-toxic, high-quality material is 7 times thicker and optically more transparent than regular shields. It truly provides clear vision. Flame and impact resistant. Latex free.

·     Easy to adjust: two possible ways for customization at user’s convenience, in the front (for bending feature of the visor) and at the back (for user's head size). Back closure offers secure fit and is better than elastic because it won’t stretch out.

·     Unique design: created by industrial designers in the US. Its innovative design is simple and clean yet very sturdy, practical and comfortable. Its full length provides more protection from different angles plus offers enough space between face and protective cover, which allows wearing an optional face mask underneath. Utility patent pending.

·     90° rotation: lightweight, versatile and it flips up. No need to take off to answer a call, drink or eat.

·     Conveniently portable: once opened, it can be completely flattened making it easy to take on-the-go and be protected.

·     Durable and reusable: clean it, sanitize it over and over. Long lasting face shield ideal for many types of users and industries (medical, pharmaceutical, retail, education, travel, hospitality, office, etc).

·     No assembly required: ready to use, just attach the straps to desired head size and use for traveling, working or just talking a stroll.

·     Measurements: 12.5” W x 9.5” H