Mali Hoops In Sun

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COLOR.  Yellow + Clear

MATERIALS.  Cellulose Acetate

DIM.  .6" Diameter

Hypoallergenic Post - Stainless Steel 

Cellulose Acetate Material ~ Much stronger and more durable than an acrylic material. This material costs more than acrylic material to produce. Cellulose acetate is less brittle and wont break as easily. It is also a renewable resource ~ essentially made from a wood pulp. It is the same material used for high-end eyewear frames. This material will last longer and the quality is far superior!  

About Nat + Noor:

Nat + Noor is a jewelry & accessory brand dedicated to timeless pieces, with equal thought for design & functionality. We love the well-worn staples.

Natalia, the founder and creative director, has a background in art and design. She is inspired by color, patterns, and texture found in nature. 

Noor means light in Arabic. This word encompasses what we create and spread. 

Little Note From Nat ~

I started Nat + Noor because I love to create. I love art and design. I love business. I love using jewelry and accessories as a medium to explore all of these things.  I am passionate about quality, textures, patterns, color, contrast, simplicity and intentionality. I love collecting vintage pieces, searching for gems at swap meets and finding inspiration everywhere I go. I love movement. I love beautiful scents and sounds. I value deep connection with beautiful souls. I believe in meaningful work. I am an admirer of all beauty. I aspire to create something of meaning and value. I am passionate about living a vibrant life. Nat + Noor has been an adventure, one that I never quite anticipated, but has unfolded and has been a master teacher. I love what I do each day. I am beyond grateful for the support from friends, family, and strangers. I deeply believe in creating products that pass the test of both beauty and functionality. Sending you all the sunshine and light.