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Liv Lee Bananas Hair Claw

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From Centinelle's newest collab, We are excited to release Liv Lee Collection for Centinelle.

Liv Lee is an Australian-based artist, illustrator and maker of goods, whose signature style features wonky interpretations of plants, flowers and fruit, that inspire happiness and evoke nostalgia.

Measures 3 in 3/4 x 1 3/4 in 2/8 - 9.50 cm x 4.50 cm 

Made from cellulose acetate 

Translucent Black strawberry,  pearlescent pink & solid green 

With the mission of creating sustainable affordable luxury goods , Centinelle has designed a complementary new line of hair accessories from cellulose acetate, plant-based synthetic fiber  & biodegradable.

About Centinelle:
Started as a playful experiment to take the foulard from fussy to fun. Inspired by fantasy, memory and myth, I began illustrating by hand unique, colorful and whimsical designs.

My designs are influenced by my Mexican heritage (I was born and raised in Mexico City), my home Northern California, my obsession with Japan, my love for animals and all those little simple things that make me smile. I consider myself a “hybrid” between a city girl and an avid nature lover. 

Centinelle scarves are sourced in luxurious silk, printed with eco-friendly dyes and readily biodegradable after its useful life so has a very low environmental impact.  Each scarf can be passed generation to generation and becomes a vintage piece in your wardrobe. Plus we send our goods on minimal and recyclable packaging, we practice paperless invoicing unless requested otherwise. We can all do a little to minimize waste and enjoy the majesty of nature and the small pleasures of life! 

I am constantly getting involved in campaigns that donate a percentage of the sales to different animal and social organizations, like SF SPCA and Project Survival Cat Haven.